Reflections on Winter Term week 3


Margin Report: This week had very little Margin. But we knew that going into it, as I had a rather unwise nine different class preps to do this week, and Jon had five of his own on top of our usual workload. We survived. And we don’t plan to do that to ourselves again. This week is only our regular load, and I hope to spend most of it at home with the boys.

Rejoice: I did manage to get up early most mornings and have a few moments to myself before the rest of the house was awake.

Relate: We stopped to read aloud everyday. The younger boys and I are ten chapters into
Christ Grabenstein’s Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library (, and we are really enjoying it. I have playing the piano more days than usual (because the church pianist should probably practice), and the boys have been asking for piano lessons. I’ve said yes to that more often, but not every time. I’ve also given some cooking lessons. Those are tasty.

Remember: We did memory work and the rest of our Morning Meeting three days this week, and we were proud of ourselves. Having all the links all in one place is really helpful to Getting Things Done around here.

Reason: All expected math assignments and grammar assignments were completed. The boys had more success with just working than I did.

Read: Josiah and Gideon read their assigned readings and poured over The Action Bible (aff. link). Micah read and worked for his Challenge 1 class and spent a lot of time with his violin. I didn’t accomplish the amount of reading I needed to this week, but we knew that was going to happen. I have a commitment to finish A Tale of Two Cities by February 2, and it is time to get on the ball.

Record: I wrote a little essay this week that needs editing before it gets published anywhere. The boys did what I asked of them. Jon sent a book to the printer. We are excited to get the review copy back next week.

Restore: We did take a little time to relax every evening, but I failed in sleeping at least six hours a night. Again, we knew that would happen this week. Now I will play catch-up.

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