Reflections on Winter Term, Week 5



Rejoice: I managed my quiet coffee and moment alone five mornings this week. The other two I had crashed the night before, and I needed to sleep in. I didn’t make it to the Y at all this week, and I only hit my step goal twice, though I was close two other times. But, I do feel a little more rested. I missed my morning quiet this morning because I slept for ten hours. I really have to work on this whole sleeping business.

Relate: I didn’t do so well in this area this week. I was tired and feeling very overdone. (Introverts who homeschool hit this wall every once in a while.) Micah was also at his max for interaction with people, and he didn’t have the greatest week either. I did manage to read aloud to and snuggle with Josiah and Gideon nearly every evening. We were generally nice to each other, but it was a week to draw in and recover in the quiet moments instead of constantly reaching outward.

Remember: We had our Morning Meeting two days this week. The schoolwork was done in general. The day that we missed Morning Meeting was because I fell asleep during a read aloud and napped for two hours. I didn’t mean to. I was just so tired.

Reason: Math, check. Science, check. Latin, check. Grammar, check.

Read: The boys read a few more chapters of Robinson Crusoe. We read aloud a few more chapters of Escape from Mr. Lemoncello’s Library. We also read from or listened to the Bible, Age of Fable, This Country of Ours, and Trial and Triumph. I have a pile of reading material to conquer that is taller than me, but I did very little reading. That was bad since I am supposed to have A Tale of Two Cities finished by 6pm tomorrow night. I’m on page 100, and I have a pile of grading and planning to do before I can read. Sorry, book club friends. I won’t be done when I arrive.

Record: The younger boys each wrote started an IEW paper about Knights. Micah started an essay about Born Again. I wrote very little. I read very little. It wasn’t my greatest week.

Restore: So, the week was crazy, and I drowned in it. I watched a little television with Jon each night. I didn’t do a good job with planned self-care. It was rough. We did decide that I will go with my mom to my nephew’s birthday party in Denver next weekend. She needs a travel buddy, and I am pretty desperate for a break from the norm.

Margin Report: This week, there was no margin. There were extra classes to teach and a talent show to take part in and acts to polish and laundry to wash. I am not exactly sure where things went wrong, but I drowned in it all.  Next week will be better.

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