Bible Study

Charlotte’s method of Bible study is very simple.

Read the Bible daily in small doses, taking time to think about what you read. Rotate between books in a way that makes sense (one day, read from the Old Testament, the next from a Gospel, then from a Psalm or Proverb).

That is pretty much it. With very young kids, you might want a well-written book of Bible stories. With older students or adults, you might occasionally also read a commentary on a book of the Bible. Other faith-based reading (like books on theology, church history, or other devotional reading) is encouraged for older students and adults.

Don’t sweat it at all. Just choose a starting point and read some scripture with your kids. Start with what interests you, and read for a few minutes together. Have your kids tell back what they heard and talk about it with them. Put it away and read a little more tomorrow.