Traveling Through Time Journal

After much trial and error, we have created a timeline journal that works well for our high school students. This tool for living education has dated pages for each millennium from 4000 to 1000BC, for each century from 1000BC-1500AD, for each half-century from 1501-1700, and for each decade from 1700-2050AD. The pages have dates at the top and a dotted background throughout in order to help students keep their entries tidy.

You can see samples of the printed timeline below.

Here are some examples of different people’s work in filling them out:

Printed timelines are available in the Tulsa area only.  They come spiral bound with a clear cover and black back and paper thick enough that bleed through is minimal.

Price is $10-$15 depending on how many are ordered.

TO ORDER: Email me at

By Monday, July 30.  (I know. It’s short notice. I’m sorry.)    I ordered a few extra, so if you missed the deadline, email me and see if I have any left!

Once they are printed, I can deliver to your Challenge community on the first day of class or at your orientation, or we can arrange a time to meet.

Downloadable sample:  SAMPLE Traveling Through Time watermark    (There is no watermark on the final product.)