School Journal Week 3

We had a busy week. Micah has completed most of his Challenge 1 work for the week, and the younger boys finished a weeks’ worth of math and spelling and reading.  We had a few unusual happenings this week, like a morning spent at the car dealer and an afternoon that we spent having lunch with Mimi and doing a bit of shopping with her. We also had the usual happenings, like programming and electronics classes, violin, golf, and tae kwon do. I taught three Latin classes. And, we celebrated a birthday.

The younger boys will have the first meeting of their Foundations and Essentials classes on Monday, and then they will have a full week’s work next week. I am sort of grateful. They need more to do, and it is easier to get them to write when they are going to take their work to class and read it to their friends.

I am going to plan to write a weekly update once a week on what we did as we educate ourselves over here. And I’ll make a goal of getting one other post written each week about one aspect of what we do in our homeschool that might be informative to someone else.

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