Week 13 Intentions

You all, I am really running out of steam. The last couple of weeks have been nuts. This week is overbooked with things outside of the house. I’m going to cut my losses and just plan for the bare minimum of lessons and to accomplish laundry and meals and dishes. I look forward to returning to quieter days, but they aren’t here quite yet.

Rejoice: Quiet for me, with Bible and prayer and writing something and planning. Writing morning pages and writing down a concrete plan for the day are still working together to help me focus and refocus frequently thought the day.

Relate: We will talk about Bach and Cassett with a group of friends this week, and that is going to be it for art and music. I am not going to endeavor to do any listening to Beethoven’s compostions or looking at Gainsborough’s work

Remember: However, we still haven’t mastered Psalm 1 or Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll so I suppose we should continue on for a couple more weeks.  But I’m getting tired of Simple Gifts and  Nothing But the Blood of Jesus, so we will put in a new folk song and a new hymn next week. I am thinking about Over the River and Through the Wood for the folk song.  You know, because it shows up in A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.

Reason: We’ll continue with math and grammar as we have been. And one boy will continue with his study of JavaScript and Electronics. I am teaching Latin to moms one evening.

Read: I’ll read aloud most days from Roger Lancelyn Green’s retelling of Robin Hood and from poems by William Blake. The younger boys will read for thirty minutes a day from books that are in our ridiculous personal library. I need to gather each boy a little pile of things that I think he will like to choose from. The Freshman needs to read 40 minutes a day from Twain’s The Adventures of Tom Sawyer if he wants to be able to complete the next composition assignment.

Record: The younger boys will do copywork and an IEW lesson. The older guy has a project to work on, and we all need to add to timelines and such.

Restore: There are plans to be at the YMCA at least twice this week, and don’t have anywhere to be in the evenings this week. That will help my sudden need for more rest since we should all get to bed on time.

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