My Rule of Six and Creating a Plan (series landing page)

About 150 years ago … or you know… 2 years ago, I wrote a series of posts about how I create a plan according to what I want to do in a day. My kids have gotten bigger since there, I have decided to revisit that series as I consider how things change over time. We still have the same six seven touchstones in our day, but now that everyone has at least one activity outside of the house, our days have changed drastically.

I’m carefully looking at next year to make sure that we get to stay home more. It is time to make a plan. It feels very early to plan now, but I have to have all of the books pulled and boxed together before we move the library next week because we are working on moving house this summer. I will have Gideon in his last year of Foundation and Essentials who will be working on parts of Ambleside Online Year 6. Josiah will be in Challenge A. Micah will be in my Challenge 3 class, and Jon will be directing Challenge 4.

So, I’ll use the Rule of Six Seven to outline the plan for everyone and for our Council Meetings so that I don’t drown in my day. I wrote about the idea of a Rule of Six here so if you haven’t dreamed up your own few things that let you feel like your day is complete, you can go read it and start contemplating.

As I finish up the posts, I’ll link them here.

  1. Rejoice  2016  2018
  2. Relate  2016  2018
  3. Remember  2016  2018
  4. Reason  2016  2018
  5. Read  2016  2018
  6. Record  2016  2018
  7. Restore  2016  2018

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