Rule of Seven 2019: #6 Record

I haven’t recorded as well as I’d like in the past year. I have barely written anything except Instagram posts, and those have gotten trickier as the boys get older and have opinions about what I should and should not post. I’m happy to honor their wishes, but I do wind up with fewer things that I can write about in public. I have many other ideas for posts that aren’t just about my family, but I don’t have very many moments for writing them. This cartoon is my sermon notes from a month or so ago. I produced something imperfect, but I produced something. If the summarizing doesn’t seem quite right, just know I was capturing the big idea of the sermon in a tiny space.

They have all continued to produce something almost every day, though their media change regularly. Micah is a fan of Instagram and runs an entertaining account about being a musician and a theater tech guy. He does far better at editing photos than I do. He writes stories, poems, songs, musical compositions, and the required essays. Josiah and Gideon write their required essays and also are producing video game videos and other streaming shows. I don’t understand why anyone would want to watch someone else play Fortnite on YouTube, and I have strongly suggested that they NOT use their limited screen time that way. But they do use their screen time to make videos for other mothers to complain about. They have grandiose plans for international fame as video game designers.I’m having trouble wrapping my mind around a world where the money is made in ani invisible world that you can’t find on a map. What kind of weird world are they inheriting? 

Jon is writing on and off, though the Calculus book is finished and published.  He’s writing at Mind Matters, Blythe Institute, and other places. So, things are being recorded and ideas developed – daily – we just aren’t all writing in the same way that we were three years ago. I supposed it would be stranger if we were still doing everything the same way now that we were then.

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