Reflections on Spring Term Week 2

Josiah and Gideon finished their project of becoming Cycle 2 Memory Masters and spent two days hanging out with Gramma.  Micah and I went on a very enjoyable adventure to Austin with some friends. Not as much work was completed in the van as I had hoped because of some poor planning that led to technology problems. But other lessons were learned (like “Preparation is the key to success.”)

Yesterday was Week 14 for the Challenge students at our campus, so this begins the last week of work and preparation for Blue Book Exams. I like Blue Books because they tend to focus on the whole breadth of knowledge a student has acquired instead of nit-picking the little details. They allow a student to tell back what they have internalized from their curriculum. As a Challenge 1 Director, I liked to ask them to write an essay defining Freedom (using characters from course literature as examples) and explain how personal liberty effects our government and our economy. I am not the Challenge 1 Director this year, and I am grateful for that. I don’t know what my friend, who is my son’s tutor, will put on his exam, but we will make sure to have that discussion.


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