Spring Term 2017 Week 3 Intentions

April Hymn: “Up from the Grave He Arose” by Robert Lowry (Link to printable Hymnal)  (Link to YouTube)

April Folksong: “Greensleeves” (Link to printable)  (Link to YouTube)

Winter Term Poet B: Sara Teasdale (link to poems on AmblesideOnline) (One poem per Morning Meeting)

This Year’s Shakespeare: Henry V (We are reading through Henry with friends outside of our Morning Meeting.)

Morning Meeting Day 1:

  • Bible: (yr 8 week 4)  Judges 16-17
  • Church History : Trial and Triumph Jonathan Edwards
  • American History: This Country of Ours chapter 41: Franklin to Philadelphia
  • Science: Madam How and Lady Why pages 36-38,
  • Picture Study: Francisco Jose Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828; Spanish)    Portrait of a Young Man, ca. 1820

Morning Meeting Day 2:

Morning Meeting Day 3:

  • Bible:(yr 8 week 3)   Matthew 5, Psalm 108
  • Science: Madam How and Lady Why pages 43-46
  • Shakespeare: friends are coming to finish Henry V

We are going to play catch-up with Madam How and Lady Why this week. I am trying to decide if I want to drop it or not. This is the only book I’ve ever read that my boys whine about listening to. My inclination is to push through, as it usually only ten minutes a week with five minutes of remembering where we are before and five minutes of narration and talking about it after (a 20 minute lesson, tops).

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