The end of the term

Since I last posted, we made a lovely trip to the mountains to see my brother and his family. The boys are all finishing up their math books. We haven’t had our regular school days because we have been embracing the freedom that comes with the end of the school year and the beauty that is Oklahoma in May.

I made a list of the lessons we need to finish to be where we need to be in August, when our school year starts with our Classical Conversations community.  We will work on the list as we ebb and flow through the next eight weeks. I’ll decide how to run our day in the fall, and how to tell you about it.  I have a list of “how to” articles I’d like to write and plans for next year’s Morning Meetings to make.

I just made my own work plan for the summer. I have several projects in the works, and I need to have a firm grasp on the Chemistry and Trigonometry I will study with my Challenge 3 class in the fall.  I have a list of Shakespeare movies I’d like to watch and a long list of books to read. We are working on house projects that got delayed while we were working through the late winter and early spring.

How does your school year end? Do you tie things up in a tidy way or just stop abruptly?

Spring Term Week 4 Intentions

May Hymn: “Redeemed! How I Love to Proclaim it!” by Fanny Crosby (Link to printable Hymnal)  (Link to YouTube)

April Folksong: “Blow the Man Down” (Link to printable)  (Link to YouTube)

Winter Term Poet B: Sara Teasdale (link to poems on AmblesideOnline) (One poem per Morning Meeting)

This Year’s Shakespeare: Henry V (We are reading through Henry with friends outside of our Morning Meeting.)

Morning Meeting Day 1:

  • Bible: (yr 8 week 5)  Judges 18-19
  • American History: This Country of Ours chapter 42: North and South Carolina
  • Science: Madam How and Lady Why pages 43-46
  • Picture Study: Francisco Jose Goya y Lucientes (1746-1828; Spanish)    Girl’s Head,

Morning Meeting Day 2:

  • Bible:(yr 8 week 3)  Judges 20-21
  • Myths: Age of Fable chapter 5a
  • Biography: Abigail Adams half of Chapter 2
  • Composer Study: Franz Liszt (1811-1886; Romantic) Piano Sonata in B Minor (link to YouTube)  (We still haven’t managed to complete this.)

Morning Meeting Day 3:

  • Bible:(yr 8 week 3)   Matthew 6, Proverbs 4
  • Biography: Abigail Adams half of Chapter 2

I am going to OCHEC (our state homeschool convention) on Friday, so we may not get all three Morning Meetings in this week. We also have our last CC Community Day of the year and a party and some regular stuff.