2017: Margin (at least that is what we will try to create)


I finished my last post wondering how we were going to find some rest, and Jon and I were both exhausted. It turned out that the way for us to rest in the month of December was to NOT do. He finished up his classes and even took a few days (well earned) off from his real job to concentrate on a couple of outside projects. He got them buttoned up and out of his head. I stepped away from this screen and tutoring to spend some time journaling on paper and thinking through plans for 2017. I turned out a ton of Christmas goodies and made Advent and Christmas happen in my home. We played music and watched movies and prepared our hearts and home for the holiday, and we spent time with family and friends. It was a holiday season well-celebrated with people we do life with. It was great.

Now those holidays are over, and 2017 has arrived. I’m thinking about new things and revisions of old ones. How do we have a life made of atmosphere and discipline and fulfill our responsibilities and rest? I don’t know how to wear all the hats I wear in a day and not be crazy. I make endless lists, but I feel frantic trying to do it all. And no one list is checked off before I have to make a new one.

So, my word for 2017 is going to be Margin. Perhaps some can be created. There are a few changes I am going to start with. Like, I am going to call my living children by their middle names on this blog because I know strangers read it as well as friends.  I can remember their middle names and keep straight who is who. It isn’t hard for me. Each blog post will get one picture that I take with my phone, and whatever I use will also go on Instagram.

Also, I am going to quit writing my own Morning Time and elementary school curriculum, and just use the one provided for free at Ambleside Online. Micah will continue with Classical Conversations Challenge 1, and Gideon and Josiah will continue studying Foundations Cycle 2 and Essentials with IEWs Medievals, but I’ll schedule their reading from AmblesideOnline’s Year Four.  I’ll still post what we are going to read and watch during our three Morning Meetings each week. I just go to the week’s Intentions post and click through things from there. I’ll share it with you to make your morning easier if you want to follow along.

I’ve love to write some homeschooling encouragement posts and some topically classical education series, but I may not accomplish that often. I would absolutely love to grow this blog in a way that makes it both a blessing to followers and profitable, but that may take more time than I have. I am definitely teaching some local Latin classes and seminars that are taking over my brain space as soon as I finish this post.

We are working on Margin in what we spend, what we eat, what we keep and how we clean as well, and we know that our physical strength plays a role in how well we can complete our tasks. We are mulling through how to do all that we need to over here, and my brain is tired already. But, balance needs to be found, and that means our margins must be wider.

What are your thoughts for the new year? Are your margins wide enough?