Travel Through Time Timeline Journal

After much trial and error, we have created a timeline journal that works well for our high school students. This tool for living education has dated pages for each millennium from 4000 to 1000BC, for each century from 1000BC-1500AD, for each half-century from 1501-1700, and for each decade from 1700-2050AD. The pages have dates at the top and a dotted background throughout in order to help students keep their entries tidy.  While this timeline is useful for any student, the Classical Conversations Challenge program recommends keeping a timeline journal during the four years of high school in order to gain a coheasive understanding of history.

You can see samples of the printed timeline below.

Here are some examples of different people’s work in filling them out:

Printed timelines are available from  They come spiral bound with a clear cover and black back and paper thick enough that bleed through is minimal.

For $11.95 plus shipping, You can purchase yours here.  Your timeline will print in 3-5 days and arrive on your doorstep shortly after.

Downloadable sample:  SAMPLE Traveling Through Time watermark    (There is no watermark on the final product.)