Reflections on our Winter Term Week 1

Margin did not allow me to get the links we used this week posted. I’ll get that done this weekend and maybe get ahead on writing posts. It was a good week, but a rather full one.

I did teach my first local Latin Clinic. We talked about nouns and their declensions. The rest of the week was interrupted by glasses. I broke my glasses on Christmas Eve, and since I am legally blind without correction, I had to wear an old pair until I could get a new prescription.

On Wednesday, Micah got a full eye exam and ordered unexpected glasses, and I got most of an eye exam and ordered my much-needed new glasses. I also got the broken glasses temporarily fixed because the older pair was giving me nasty headaches. The only way to fix the old pair until the new ones were ready was to replace the left temple with a temple from an abandoned pair of Hello Kitty glasses. It’s a good thing I’m comfortable being nerdy.

Today, we went back with my mother because I needed to have my eyes dilated, and I wasn’t allowed to drive home afterwards. We also picked up all of the glasses, hung out with Gramma, and ate Pei Wei. I didn’t expect that project to take quite so much time or cost quite so much money.

As for our Morning Meetings this week,  I planned to return to Ambleside Online as a morning time resource, and I did. They select an artist, a composer, a poet, a nature study focus, a Shakespeare play, and a Plutarch life for each term, and they choose a hymn and folk song for each month. I discovered that the artist and composer for they chose for this term are people that we have recently covered, so I went forward to their selections for 2028-2029 and selected Rachmaninoff and Degas. (If I am still looking at beauty every morning in 2028, it will be just for my own enjoyment, because the boys will be 21, 22, and 26 that year.) We also read from Year 4’s poets, Dickinson and Tennyson, last year, so I picked up Sara Teasdale, Hilda Conkling and James Whitcomb Riley for the next few poets because AO recommends them, but we haven’t read them yet.  We started learning Charles Wesley’s hymn “Jesus, Friend of Sinners.” I picked a folk song from 2011, “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,”  and it was a total bust. It annoys Micah, so Gideon sings it over and over again, and that stressed Josiah and I out. So, I’ll pick a new one next week, and we will try again.

Josiah and Gideon both enjoyed the Year 4 readings that they did this week, and we will continue to work on those assignments. I bought the audiobooks for the history books from Audible or Canon Press, and we listened to one chapter from each book in the history loop over breakfast on the three mornings that we were home. We had some interesting conversations about the stories from each book: (aff. links) This Country of Ours, Trial and Triumph (audio from Canon Press), and A Child’s History of the World. Since we listen over breakfast, Micah didn’t lose time from his school day. He was sitting with us anyway to eat, and he can participate in the discussion afterwards.

Have you tried getting a subject done during a meal?

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