Reflections on Winter Term Week 2

We actually completely the work that was planned.  It wasn’t always pretty, and some of it was not done with quite the attention it deserved. But it was completed.

I think I owe the completion of our work week to the lack of crazy and the return to the liturgy of the morning.  I got up when I was supposed to, and I had time to myself with coffee and Jesus before the boys got up. I walked early at the Y with a friend one morning. We started chores at 8 and served breakfast with a side of morning meeting at a quarter to nine. Then we worked through the work.

I had planned this coming week before Margin became my word for the year. I am overbooked but determined to enjoy myself. Again, we have nothing scheduled before noon that is out of the ordinary. The liturgy of the morning should happen, and so should the rest of the schoolwork.

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