Winter Term Week 10 Intentions

March Hymn: “I Cannot Tell” by Ken Bible (Link to printable Hymnal)  (I can’t find a video of this one. We sing it at church, so it is familiar, but not memorized here. The tune is “Danny Boy.”)

March Folksong: “Take Me Out to the Ballgame” (link to YouTube)

Winter Term Poet B: Sara Teasdale (link to poems on AmblesideOnline) (One poem per Morning Meeting)

This Year’s Shakespeare: Henry V (We are reading through Henry with friends outside of our Morning Meeting.)

Morning Meeting Day 1:

Morning Meeting Day 2:

  • Bible:(yr 7 week 37)  Judges 3, Proverbs 1
  • Myths: Age of Fable chapter 3, Cephalus and Procris
  • Composer Study: Franz Liszt (1811-1886; Romantic) Les Preludes (link to YouTube)

Morning Meeting Day 3:

  • Bible:(yr 7 week 37)   Matthew 2, Psalm 106
  • Science: Madam How and Lady Why pages 18-27
  • Shakespeare:  Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V

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