Reflections on Week 10

Rejoice: I made it to the Y a couple of mornings, and I had my quiet moment most mornings.

Relate: The boys played outside a lot.

Remember:  We started in on reviewing in earnest for Memory Master. I have a love/hate relationship with the project. I think Charlotte Mason would hate it, but it is a way to determine mastery of Cycle 2. We require our kids to participate the last time they will cover a cycle. It shouldn’t be hard for these boys who have been hearing this information from the time they were 3 and 4.

Reason: Very little math was done here. Now both Micah and Gideon will be working longer than they would like to. I think Josiah will revel in the fact that just doing his work was a good idea.

Read: Micah read for Debate and for his research paper. Josiah worked on The Absolute Beginner’s Guide to Minecraft Mods Programming. Gideon is halfway through The Candymakers and the Great Chocolate Chase. Together, we continued on in Robinson Crusoe and The Good Master. I have a crazy amount of books going, and I need to read Gene Stratton Porter’s Keeper of the Bees by next Monday evening.

Record: I didn’t write, though I have a couple of posts in the queue. Josiah and Gideon did their IEW assignment. Micah worked on a comparison paper.

Restore: I hung out with Jon after we put the boys to bed, watching TV and reading and being together. It was a good week for us.

Margin Report: This was a bad week for Margin. I was running from one thing to another nearly every day. That wears me out. This week doesn’t promise to be much better.

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