School Journal Week 4

The plan for last week was to stay home as much as possible and try to get  a full week’s worth of assignments done. We mostly managed that. And then we had a busy weekend of preparation for the next several weeks, which are going to be insanely busy. But some seasons are like that, and we can work with it for a short time.

We did some serious grocery shopping and made 25 meals and put them in the freezer using a meal plan from The boys caught up on the yard work, and we caught up on the laundry. We did some cleaning. I did some school planning, and I set up the memory work notebooks for September.

And then we intentionally took a day off to be together and not work. Because it was Labor Day, and Jon was home for the day, and we needed to play. There was baseball and Jungle Book and nachos and cake.

And today, there was a new month, a new week, a new chance.

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