Plans for School, Week 5


  • Daily reading from Bible
  • Continue to memorize Ephesians 6
  • a few pages from Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Hymn to learn: The Solid Rock (My Hope is Built on Nothing Less)


  • Rembrandt’s The Night Watch
  • Plutarch: Publicola, reading 5
  • Christina Rossetti: one poem daily
  • Beethoven, Ecossaise and some of the biography
  • Intro to Shakespeare’s Henry V


  • Genevieve Foster’s The World of Captain John Smith, 10 pages
  • Science in the Scientific Revolution, lessons 1-4 labs with friends; read 5-8 for next week
  • Treasure Island, five chapters
  • Seton’s Wild Animals I Have Known, “Lobo,” finish chapter.
  • Morning Meeting x4 with memory work review
  • Folk Song: You’re a Grand Old Flag
  • Thinking about What Makes a Hero?
  • Golf, JavaScript, and Electronics classes for Micah
  • Taekwondo for all the boys


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