Educational Intentions: Week 9

I am grateful that this week should be a little less crazy than last week. We have four of five days that will be our normal, and I get to be home most evenings, which bodes well for my household. Normal is good.

Rejoice: Quiet for me, with Bible and prayer and writing something and planning, because filling out that daily index card list is working well for me.

Relate: We are switching artists this month. We are done with Rembrandt for the moment, and we’ll look at the art of Thomas Gainsborough.  And We’ll continue reading about Beethoven in The Story of Beethoven, and we’ll listen to Symphony No 5 in C minor, Op 67.

Remember: We have new things to memorize this month, including Psalm 1, Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll, the Shaker song Simple Gifts, and the hymn Nothing But the Blood of Jesus (those links are all to YouTube videos we’ll watch at some point).

Reason: We’ll continue with math and grammar as we have been. And one boy will continue with his study of JavaScript and Electronics.

Read: We’ll read bits of The World of Captain John SmithWild Animals I Have KnownPilgrim’s Progress, Plutarch’s PublicolaTrial and Triumph, and Treasure Island. (Short lessons mean that we’ll be spending 15-20 minutes on each of those, so that list isn’t as long as it seems like.) It is time to change poets, so we will start with this book of poems by William Blake  . We need to listen to Henry V Act 2, and when we finish Treasure Island (hopefully this week), we’ll start on Robin Hood.

Record: The younger boys will do copywork and an IEW lesson. The older guy has an essay to complete on The Scarlet Letter, and we all need to add to timelines and such.

Restore: There are plans to be at tae kwon do at least twice this week, and two will have a golf lesson one evening. We’ll see what other rest and family fun we come up with. I know I have several books to finish.


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