Week 9 Reflections

No pictures this week. I forgot to take any. We were fairly successful in completing the educational plans for the week. We did have a few adventures, planned and unplanned. But most of the activities I had laid out got done anyway.

We had a laundry emergency that demanded a visit from our favorite appliance repair guy. (That we have had enough of these issues to have a favorite is another story for another time.) He restored the function of the washing machine, and we continued in our quest to conquer the mountain of laundry that accumulated quickly. We also lost a couple of hours to getting new tires put on the van on another day. But it was absolutely necessary, and so we had lunch at Costco one day.

Keeping up with the educating and the homemaking at the same time is harder than it sounds like it would be. Since we are at home more than the average family, we make more messes at home, we eat more often at home, and we simply live here more. Our appliances seem to break more often, but they are also probably used more often.

A major downside of my week was discovering that I had been deceived by one of my kids. We’ve dealt with the issue, but the road to rebuilt trust is long. We’ll continue to develop his conscious, and he’ll be a good man when he is older because he got caught and redirected. But in the meantime, he needs prayer and a lot of oversight. It will be a long couple of weeks over here as I work my way through that.

Our much more fun adventure of the week was a trip to the state fair. We went and visited a friend who had chickens entered in the chicken show, and we walked around and looked at all the art and photography and exhibits. We sat in cars in the exhibit hall, played all of the pianos, and the kids ate some junk food.  It was a good local adventure.

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