Week 13 Reflections

So, that was a particularly crazy week. There was too much in nearly every day, and the evening were also full. I hate weeks like that, and multiple ones in a row are really hard for me. I didn’t finish everything that I needed to, and I didn’t read everything that i needed to know. We had a few yucky things happen, but they all turned out ok.

For instance, last Monday, the water heater went out. On Mondays, I have Latin classes to teach for which I cannot find a knowledgable sub, but my husband was able to work from home and wait on the plumber and make a bunch of decisions that would have stressed me out anyway. It was an expensive endeavor, but it is another improvement that will make our house more marketable when we are ready to sell it.

Last Monday, we left our CC campus at the same time as our friends, and we were all headed to Costco, so all my kids jumped in the van with their buddy. Or so I thought, as I drove away by myself, enjoying the momentary bliss of no one talking to me. I got a phone call telling me that only two of my boys were in the other vehicle. Oops. As I rounded the corner of the church, I got a text from another friend saying, “I have your Giant. I’ll meet you at Costco, too.” Mom fail. I actually drove off and left a kid. He thought it was hilarious (such was his faith that I would come back once I realized my error.) We were still laughing when we pulled out of the parking lot to buy groceries and visit with friends.

He was still giggling a few minutes later when we got rear-ended. It was a slow-speed encounter, and no one was injured. None of the vehicles involved had any visible damage. It was raining lightly, and the roads were slippery. I stopped in a line of traffic. The person behind me failed to do so. She pushed me into the person in front of me. It happened in slow-motion because of traffic, and I hope she got her tires and brakes checked so that it doesn’t happen again.

The rest of the week we crammed in a little school around a rather abnormally busy schedule. In addition to the classes and lessons that we do most weeks, I also subbed in Challenge 3 on one day and worked at a new business that belongs to an acquaintance on another day. It was a little much. I am not schedule to do both on the same week again, and that is good.

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