Week 14 Intentions

Rejoice: Quiet for me, with Bible and prayer and writing something and planning. Writing morning pages and writing down a concrete plan for the day are still working together to help me focus and refocus frequently thought the day.

Relate: We looked yesterday at Thomas Gainsborough’s Girl with Pigs and The Blue Boy. We’ll continue reading about Beethoven in The Story of Beethoven, and we’ll listen to Beethoven’s String Quartet Op.59 No.1 “Razumovsky”

Remember: I did finally switch out the memory work for November this week. We starting working on a passage from Joshua 1. We kept Lewis Carroll’s Jabberwocky because we aren’t done with it yet. I added in “Home on the Range” because it came up in conversation a while ago. We live in Oklahoma, and night skies are amazing. We were out under the stars with some friends, and somebody started singing that song. The boys couldn’t sing along, so it went on my mental list. We also added the hymn “Praise to the Lord, the Almighty.” November promises to slow down a little from the schedule that we kept in October, so we should be able to master these things in short order and then move on.

Reason: We’ll continue with math and grammar as we have been. And one boy will continue with his study of JavaScript and Electronics.

Read: We’ll read bits of The World of Captain John Smith, Wild Animals I Have Known, Pilgrim’s Progress, Plutarch’s Publicola, Trial and Triumph, and Roger Lancelyn Green’s The Merry Adventures of Robin Hood. (Short lessons mean that we’ll be spending 15-20 minutes on each of those, so that list isn’t as long as it seems like.) We will continue reading this book of poems by William Blake. We need to listen again more of Henry V, and maybe watch the movie.

Record: The younger boys will do copywork and an IEW lesson. The older boy has multiple projects due as the end of the semester approaches.

Restore: There are plans to be at the YMCA at least twice this week, and Jon and I each have somewhere to be one evening this week. We are still working on that more rest problem that happens to all parents. We have been tired, and we love our kids and our multiple jobs (paid and unpaid) and our work. We are working on finding a way to keep our sanity while we keep doing the next thing.


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